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Investors used to have little say about the execution of their orders in financial instruments. MiFID changed that. MiFID promotes cross border competition between exchanges and investment firms, better price discovery and investor protection. This has led to a change in the financial landscape, where the last couple of years, new exchanges (Regulated Markets - RM - and Multilateral Trading Facilities - MTF) have been founded and smart order routers developed. TOM seized these opportunities to start TOM MTF (exchange).

TOM MTF facilitates open orderbook trading in both cash equities and derivatives. An overview of all tradable products is shown here. TOM MTF currently offers trading in Dutch, Belgian and French shares, in addition TOM MTF offers trading in derivative products based on some the underlying shares as mentioned above. Finally TOM MTF offers trading in a selection of ETFs too.

TOM MTF is an open trading platform, implying that orders are not bilaterally directed but matched in the TOM orderbook based on price-time priority. Powered by Nasdaq OMX technology, TOM MTF enables members to execute transactions on a fast and cost-effective manner. TOM offers easy access to both segments of TOM MTF as trading in equities and derivatives is offered on the same technology platform.


TOM MTF’s aim is to operate a competitive and attractive exchange for market participants such as banks, brokers, market makers, and proprietary traders. TOM MTF uses the newest technology available from Nasdaq OMX to accomplish this. Want to know more?

Options Market Summary

Number of contracts traded 51,133
Number of trades 9,473
Average contracts per trade 5.4

Top 5 based on volume

1XNL28 P JUL 2014 4051,262214
2XNL28 P JUL 2014 404960252
3XNL28 C JUL 2014 406717189
4SBMT P DEC 2014 9,5070644
5SBMT P DEC14 8.8370143

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